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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Ambulatory Surgery Center?
Victoria Surgery is an Ambulatory Surgery Center, also called a Non-hospital Surgical Facility or Day Surgery Facility. Ambulatory Surgery Centers deal with patients who can return home the day of their surgery.

Why can't I just call Victoria Surgery Ltd to have the surgery I need?
Patients cannot seek care directly from Victoria Surgery. If you telephone Victoria Surgery to request a surgical procedure our staff will direct you to contact a surgeon, usually through referral by your family doctor although for cosmetic surgery you may contact the plastic surgeon of your choice directly (look under the 'Surgeons' menu on this website). You and your surgeon will determine if surgery is indicated and whether your surgical procedure will be scheduled at Victoria Surgery or at a hospital.

Does Victoria Surgery perform all types of surgery?
No, we don't. At the present time the Medicare Protection Act makes it illegal for patients to pay us for surgical procedures that are provided by the Medical Services Plan of BC. We can only collect fees for those surgical procedures which are paid by patients or third party insurers. If you have health insurance coverage from WorkSafeBC, RCMP, Canadian Forces or other BC Ministry of Health approved third party insurers your surgery can be scheduled promptly at Victoria Surgery. Cosmetic surgery can be scheduled at your convenience. For surgery that is a benefit of the Medical Services Plan you must wait for space in the public hospitals.

What types of surgical procedures take place at Victoria Surgery Ltd?
Victoria Surgery specializes in a range of procedures that are appropriate for a private surgical facility, including many cosmetic procedures, orthopaedic procedures and varicose vein ablation. We also have the equipment and instruments for neurosurgery of the spine and many types of general surgery, including laparoscopic abdominal procedures. Your health is our priority so we have strict guidelines dealing with patient selection. If you have significant underlying health problems we may defer your procedure to the hospital.

How can I find out if I am eligible for surgery at Victoria Surgery?
Your surgeon and family doctor will initially determine if the facility is the right place for your surgery. Once you are scheduled for surgery your medical information is reviewed by the Victoria Surgery staff. Our goal is minimize patient risk at all times. Factors that influence how risk is assessed include the health of the patient, as some medical conditions may cause problems during or after the surgery, and the type of surgery, as some procedures stress the body more and can have a higher rate of complications. The anesthesiologist may request more lab tests or information from physicians you have seen in the past. Once the necessary information has been gathered, the decision will be made as to whether your surgery can be performed safely at our facility and you will be notified immediately.

How much will my surgery cost?
If you have a consultation with the surgeon and his or her office sends us a booking for your surgery, you will be informed of the cost. The facility fee for any given surgical procedure is based on the procedure itself, the equipment needed, whether an overnight stay is required, whether an assistant is required, the length of time needed and several other factors.

What happens if there is a complication?
Victoria Surgery is fully equipped to deal with most emergency situations. If something unexpected occurs, your surgeon, anesthesiologist and nurse will decide if you need to be transferred to a hospital. Minor complications will be handled at the facility but in some circumstances a transfer to hospital by ambulance may be necessary.

Who sets the standards for care at Victoria Surgery?
The College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC licenses all physicians in the province and has the responsibility to ensure that the public receive a high standard of care. Victoria Surgery Ltd is accredited by the Non-Hospital Medical Surgical Facilities Accreditation Program, the department of the College that inspects and licenses private medical and surgical facilities. This rigorous accreditation process involves an on-site inspection by a team of examiners who review all aspects of the facility. Standards for patient care and safety at Victoria Surgery meet or exceed those in the public hospitals.

What kind of anesthetic will I have?
Prior to your surgery, the anesthesiologist will be happy to discuss whatever options are available for your surgery and will address any specific concerns you may have. The decision to employ local anesthesia, local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia is based on the requirements of the surgical procedure you are having and your physical and psychological state.